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Silicones, one of the most common types of sealants and adhesives

Although they may not always be visible, sealants and adhesives are found all over your home and office. One of the most common types of sealants and adhesives you will find in your home are silicones. Silicones are made using chlorinated chemicals.

These versatile materials can bind to a variety of materials including plastics, metal, glass and concrete, and are seal gaps for protection against damage form dirt or water. As a result they are used for many applications including plumbing, window glazing and installing carpets and tiles.

The first step in the manufacture of silicones involves reacting elemental silicon with a chlorinated compound called methylchloride. The chemical properties of silicones mean they are water-resistant and maintain their structural integrity over large temperature ranges and on exposure to UV light. They are therefore ideal for outdoor uses such as weatherproofing.

Many specialized silicone-based sealants and adhesives have also been developed, including types that can be fast-curing, can protect against mould, or do not stain when used on porous materials.

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